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Patreon Portraits - March 2023

Isabell Bartnicki
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The portraits I sent out in March 2023 for my Patrons as a part of my Forest Portrait Pack. This is part 3 from this pack.

You get 3 Portraits as JPGs, transparent PNGs as well as framed and unframed tokens and a short note as character description.

You can use these:

  • private Campaigns as tokens for NPCs or PCs
  • streamed Campaigns as tokens for NPCs or PCs
  • as a profile picture on social media or any forum
  • as reference for future commissions

You CANNOT use these:

  • to create merchandise or prints
  • to create NFTs or in any AI art
  • for reselling or auctions
  • in any books that get published
  • anything else for profit

You can crop these if none of the provided image formats fit. Please try to credit me when you can.

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3 NPCs Portraits as JPGs, PNGs and Tokens with and without a frame!

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Patreon Portraits - March 2023

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